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Our Services

At JAZ Crew Tutoring Services, we specialize in offering mathematics tutoring for scholars in grades 5-12 in individual or group settings. Our hands-on approach to tutoring includes the inclusion of note-taking strategies and organizational skills that provide scholars with a structured format for intentional learning.

Individual Sessions

*prices subject to change based on need

In our individual sessions, we work 1:1 with scholars to provide customized and individualized support to conquer their biggest challenges in math.


Group Sessions
($20 - $45 per student, per hour)

*prices subject to change based on need

In our group sessions, we work with up to four scholars to create a peer supported learning environment that is practical, fun, and engaging.


Customized Tutoring Packages

We offer customized tutoring packages to organizations, schools, and youth groups to create specialized plans to address the specific needs of scholars.

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