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Recognize the
Excellence in Your Scholar

Jaz Crew provides holistic youth development services for students

What We Offer

Our program provides the personalized attention your scholar needs to reach their full potential.  Your scholar will advance at their own pace, and learn to apply the core elements of STEAM in a way that is unique to their needs, interests, and individual strengths.

Mathematics Tutoring

Middle school math is the most important stage of your scholar's educational development. We believe that each individual scholar is different and will have their own areas of difficulty, so an individualized approach is more beneficial than using a prescribed program. 

Organization Skills

We help scholars develop better habits and strategies for prioritizing tasks, setting goals and deadlines for themselves, and getting organized so they can get more done. Good organizational skills are fundamental to success. Without them, it's difficult to meet deadlines, finish projects, and manage your time effectively. 

Exposure to Creativity 

We provide a safe space for middle school scholars to engage with each other, their creativity, various art forms and be inspired by local artists and community members. Middle school is a crucial time to enable scholars to explore, learn, and practice skills that will get them ready for the challenges of high school and beyond.

Note Taking Strategies

Our course will teach them how to efficiently take notes in class, turn them into useful information, and stay organized with custom-made tools. Taking notes is a skill, not an inborn quality. We will help them retain important information, understand readings and lectures more effectively, and improve their test scores.


Hear the impact! 

"Jasmine I want to thank you for working with John this semester. I thought you'd be happy to know he earned a B+ in Geometry. Thank you for everything you do!"

John, John Jr.'s Dad 

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